You like Dutch bikes? Then vote for more!

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

You many have noticed a significant lack of posts on this blog recently, and for this I apologise.

However, my girlfriend and I have been incredibly busy making a lot of what this blog was about into a reality!

Seeing our logo come to life was the first real sign that things were taking off
Seeing our logo come to life was the first real sign that things were taking off

Our website is still somewhat under construction, but we are very proud of how it looks so far. The contacts that we made during our time in the Netherlands have proved invaluable, and have been essential in helping us to stock only the very best bicycles that the Dutch have to offer.

This post will be one of the last that I am likely to write on this blog, as I have a new (and much more professional) blog on the Flying Dutchman website.

Consider this, then, an invitation to find us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, subscribe to our channel on YouTube, and generally just keep an eye on our happy progress through our new outlets!

We are currently pitching our business idea in a lot of different places in the hope of securing investment. One of these places is Virgin’s ‘Pitch to Rich’ competition for young start-ups. Our application can be found here, and we’d love you to give us your vote. Our elevator pitch outlines some strong reasons why ours is an idea worth supporting, and the promo video has some entertaining elements – please share it around if you’re on-board!

Love, light, and a shed full of Flying Bicycles!

Harry + Kristina

Richard Branson - Pitch to Rich


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