Über fast Bakfiets bike build (video)

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It has been a fair while since I last posted, and for that I apologise.

I have moved from Edinburgh to London and am involved in all sorts of exciting campaign work with a group that seeks to emulate the Dutch protests of the 1970s (the very same group whose protest I attended back in 2013).

At any rate, the Dutch way of doing things is definitely my preferred way, and so my girlfriend and I took the plunge and invested in a ‘bakfiets’. This Dutch cargo monster is fabulous to ride, and the electric assist motor means that the hills aren’t any more hassle than the flats. I’ll follow up this post with more about the bike; but for now, please enjoy the time-lapse video of us putting it together in our tiny living room.


One thought on “Über fast Bakfiets bike build (video)

    Ayesha said:
    March 11, 2015 at 4:34 pm

    great video!! would love to see a proper picture of the whole finished bike! x

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