Microsoft backs new London Cycle Superhighway plans

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Superb letter from Microsoft UK’s CEO supporting London’s Cycle Superhighways


microsoft-logo-featuredMicrosoft employs 2200 people in London across five different sites. The software giant has offices for Skype, Yammer, Nokia and Bing in the capital. Three of their locations lie near the proposed Cycle Superhighways.

The CEO of Microsoft UK, Michel Van Der Bel, sent a letter (PDF) to TfL explaining why the Cycle Superhighway plans will be good for Microsoft and good for London:

michel-van-der-belAs the CEO of Microsoft UK, I am pleased to offer our support for the proposed East–West and North–South Cycle Superhighways.

Microsoft is the world’s largest software company with operations in over 100 countries. We employ 110,000 people worldwide, with 2200 of them based in London. We have five sites in the city including offices near Paddington Station, in Cardinal Place at Victoria Station, and in the historic Prudential Assurance building at Holborn Circus. All three of these lie close to the proposed routes.

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